Florida – A Boater’s Paradise!

With an average year round temp of 88 degrees, come see why Florida truly is a boater’s paradise! From the Florida Panhandle down to the Florida Keys, it’s fall y’all!


The oceans surrounding & the waterways within are all part of the beauty of boating year round in the paradise that is Florida. Yes, of course many people visit Florida in the Spring & Summer time but it’s the boaters and the boating community in this great state that make Florida the premier year round boating state.

First, let’s talk about our weather. This morning, my gorgeous wife was so excited as she drank her coffee & read the morning news. Apparently, the weather forecast for Saturday is a high of 89, a low of 66! Yep, that’s it, 66 degrees. She was walking around saying, It’s Fall Y’all. Keep in mind, July is the hottest month in Florida with a statewide average temperature of 88 degrees! The coldest month is January with the average temperature, statewide is 61 degrees!

Let’s talk about another reason Florida is a boater’s paradise! Florida Oceans and waterway are endlessly beautiful and can be accessed YEAR ROUND! With the Gulf of Mexico on the west & the Atlantic Ocean on the east, that is 1,350 miles of coastline! Florida has 67 counties and is embedded with beautiful & numerous waterways including; beaches, lakes, rivers, waterways, bays & swamps with Saltwater, Freshwater & Brackish to choose from.

I know my picture hints that we know it’s fall when we only see Florida boating plates out on the water but let’s be honest, Florida’s economic well-being is linked to our visitors, natives and freshwater, coastal and marine resources. We have islands and The Keys too! With year round perfect weather in most of the state, boaters don’t have to put their boat away!

And how about our boating adventures offered year round? Florida offers private & group chartered deep sea & inshore fishing, boat tours and dolphin swims, catamaran rentals, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, eco tours, glass bottom boats and so much more! There is literally a boat or some type of watercraft that fits every single personality out there.

While we love boating and Florida, sadly since we boat year round, we have the highest number of recreational boat accidents. Florida has 900,000 registered motorboats, 12 months supply of sun & ALL that water, that puts you at a higher risk of an accident.

I know you’re asking, so what can I do to avoid an accident?

  1. Don’t Drink and Boat. The US Coast Guard stresses that alcohol and intoxication play a huge role in boating accidents so have a designated boater each time you are enjoying the water!
  2. Wear a life jacket. This is not just for children, have life jackets for adults too!
  3. Take a boater safety course. Average cost is around $30 & can even be done online.
  4. Get a FREE vessel safety check from the U.S. Coast Guard w/ zero consequences. Our goal is just to educate you and help you enjoy the water in the safest vessel possible.

From the Florida Panhandle, all the way down to the Florida Keys, I just wanted to welcome you to fall and hope you have a wonderful rest of the year on the water! Some whether your are a native or a visitor, it’s fall y’all! Let’s get out and stay out there on the water and enjoy Florida’s number one way of life, boating.

Cliff Hairston – Coastie Marine Services, Owner/Marine Electrician

Retired U.S. Coast Guard Electrician’s Mate, 1st Class