Please Vote – Your vote matters

This election has been nothing short of frustrating for many Americans. However, here we are, less than one month away from the big day. My hope is that all Americans will exercise their right to vote. I, of course, know who my vote is for but that is not what this blog is specifically about.

When you do vote, I want you to think of what this country needs. I believe this country is in dire need of an economic turnaround. How can we turn it around? When need to focus on keeping businesses inside the U.S. and helping those businesses grow. When businesses have a reduction in overhead, specifically taxes, we can grow. And with growth, we can create jobs. Jobs in turn stimulate the economy. It is basic Economics 101.

When you vote, keep small businesses in mind as well. We are small not but what is our potential if given the opportunity? I would hope for my business and for my family to grow, create jobs for our community and in turn stimulate the economy here, right here in the good ole U.S.A.

So, let’s forget about the things that are sidetracking us from the real issues. The ads, the slander, the back and forth is all a diversion from the true issues. Remain focused on the issues you believe are important.

I want something done about illegal immigration and done about the illegals here that are taking jobs from legal immigrants and Americans like you and me. There is a process to follow and laws to follow and if you do not follow them, then you are committing a crime. And it is a crime far more than just in the criminal sense. The illegal immigrants are using our resources, not paying taxes and sending money home to their families, not stimulating our economy. (In many cases).

So, when you go to vote, think about these things because if we can keep jobs here for Americans and legal immigrants then we can solve so many problems for so many. These problems can help turn this country around. So, forget about the flaws each candidate has and regardless of whether you vote for who I’m voting for, just vote!

Cliff Hairston, Coastie Marine Services – Owner/Marine Electrician (Small Business Owner) or Facebook:


I’m a Vetrepreneur!

According to NaVOBA, I am officially a vetrepreneur but it has been quite a journey to get here. Clearly this is a made up word but I like it! I have a strong sense of pride from being a veteran. At the age of 19, shortly after 9/11 & before we began bombing Iraq, I decided to join one of the branches of the military. I felt it was my duty to my country. The politics behind the war or people’s conspiracy theories are of no concern to me. I have always been patriotic, as far back as I can remember so joining the service was an incredible feeling. I owe everything I have accomplished & become to joining the U.S. Coast Guard. Joining the military for any teen is a life changing experience & I know for sure that it made quickly turned me into a man. The U.S. Coast Guard offered me so many awesome life experiences such as international travel & chasing down drug smugglers with tons of cocaine trying to get  into the U.S. However, it also gave me priceless discipline training& education specialized in a field I have truly come to love. I have always been an outdoorsman so life on a ship in the middle of the ocean was rarely grueling, though hard work, it was always an adventure. The military instilled in me values such as perseverance, integrity, honesty, respect & discipline. These are the underlying values that will make my business successful. Today, I am a marine electrician & have started that business using the impeccable training I received from the Coast Guard. I attended “A” School in Yorktown, VA to become a U.S.C.G. certified Electrician’s Mate after boot camp. I was later accepted & able to attend the U.S.C.G. “C” school. “C” school in Yorktown was a 19-week advanced electrician’s school that offered courses such as Advanced Analog, Electronic Controllers, Integrated Control System Certification, AC/DC Theory, Electrical Motors, Controls & Generators, Industrial Electricity & Safety, Blueprint Reading & more! Now, I am a highly skilled marine electrician who also used the G.I. Bill to continue my education (while they paid me!). I have dabbled in business courses & will wrap up my college studies with a degree in Electrical Engineering (96 of the credits came from USCG training!). So, that is my journey to becoming a veterpreneur & what an incredible journey it has been! You can find out more about the newest marine electrian in Bay County, FL on my website: Coastie Marine’s website