Tuesday Morning Boat Humor

To my fellow Bay County Boaters:

A little morning boat humor to brighten your day! And heck…words to live by too!

1. When launching a boat, always back the boat into the water. Pulling the boat into the water can really mess up your carburetor.

2. When water-skiing, never allow a feisty duck to hitch a ride on your skis.

3. Always stay at least five boat-lengths behind the whale in front of you.

4. While sinking to the bottom of a lake or ocean, screaming does not help.

5. When boating, always wear a swimsuit with suspenders. This makes it easier on the guys with the grappling hook when they’re trying to retrieve your body.

6. Drowning can cause severe shortness of breath. And you don’t even want to think about what it does to your complexion.

7. Always wear a life jacket in case you fall overboard. Also, it’s a good idea to take along something to read, in case you’re swallowed by a whale. Most whales seem to enjoy Moby Dick.

8. Boating while intoxicated is not illegal in some states, but it’s stupid in all of them.

Well, it’s safe to say these are all great tips! Sometimes there isn’t a lot of humor for a boat owner and that is what I, and my company Coastie Marine Services is here for. We want to build relationships with Bay County’s boating community, the folks we’ve met so far are awesome! So, if you find yourself needing boat troubleshooting, boat repair, installation or maintenance services, please consider calling us! Call here: 850-896-9147

Thanks, Cliff Hairston  Go Here: Coastie’s Website

Email Here: coastiemarineservices@gmail.com

Or check use out on Facebook: Coastie’s Facebook Page





Author: coastiemarineblog

Marine Electrician, retired from the US Coast Guard. Over 14 years experience as a marine electrician and current owner of Coastie Marine Services. www.coastiemarine.com

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