How about that debate last night?

Actually, yes, I watched the debate and would rather not talk about it except to say WOW. So, this is where we are, 319 million people in this great country and these are the clowns we have to choose from….moving on.

Isn’t it great to be an American though. I feel thankful every day and try to instill patriotism in our children. I know they are growing up seeing something totally different and that is not fair. So, as parents, the only thing we can do is remind them why they should be thankful. And if all else fails, show them YouTube videos on kids in 3rd world countries. That usually lights a fire under their rear-ends.

So, we have moved back home & started this business and now I’m ready to get out there and meet people, network, build my business but most of all build honest & reliable relationships with Bay County’s boating community. So far we have made a Facebook page, kept up ads on Craigslist, created a LinkedIn, created this blog and passed out business cards. We’ve had the honor to meet with some prominent boaters in Panama City Beach, FL such as the owner of Shell Island Dolphin Tours, Ted Davidson. What a great guy!! I’ve also done some work for the owner of Steamers Dockside, Darren McDaniel, another superb guy! We feel thankful for work we have received and hopeful there is more out there! This is our hometown and even though we’ve been gone for years, we are back and so glad to be here. Home just never stops being home!

So, I look forward to meeting more boaters and helping Bay County with all boat repair needs. I’m a certified Marine Electrician through the U.S.C.G. and am now carrying a $1 million liability insurance policy so everyone is covered, let the work begin!  Remember, today and every day, thank a vet and/or first responder. We always offer a 15% discount to all military & first responders and that never expires!

Have a blessed Tuesday! Cliff Hairston, Owner Coastie Marine Services

Phone: 850-896-9147 Email:

Website: Click Here  Facebook: Click Here





Author: coastiemarineblog

Marine Electrician, retired from the US Coast Guard. Over 14 years experience as a marine electrician and current owner of Coastie Marine Services.

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